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Gran Cerdo Box - Libation Wine

Gran Cerdo Box - Libation Wine

All three of the infamous big pigs in one convenient box. 

  • Gran Cerdo Blanco - Crowd pleaser alert! Medium-bodied, Fruity, Dry White
  • Gran Cerdo Tempranillo - A modern classic that comes in at unbelievable value for a high-grade natural wine
  • Gran Cerdo Rosado - The latest addition. In taste, sweet aromas of candy, strawberry and cherry dominate, pleasant acidity that balances the alcohol in the mouth

Wine Properties:
Red | White | Rose 
Country/Region: Spain | Rioja 
Winery/ Maker: Gonzalo Grijalba

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Boring bits T&Cs - The very nature of natural wine being small batch, means the stock inventory can be limited for particular vintages. This can impact pack orders, therefore at we will replace any bottle with a bottle of equal if not greater value. We endeavour to let our customers know of any inventory updates. Any further questions please contact our customer service.

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