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Sextant - Fleur au Verre - Pinot Noir

Sextant - Fleur au Verre - Pinot Noir

Bright, Fresh, Tart Cherry, Fruit Forward.

Julien likes to bottle his spring wines just as they are “waking up” from the winter slumber. This time of vibrancy and change is something he likes to capture in the bottle.  The fruit comes from sandier soils, producing a wine that in lithe and elegant.

Sextant is about “Special cuvées, pet nats, skins, fun and non-traditional wines”. The cellar is seen as a place to experiment and create.

Wine Properties
Vintage: 2020
Grape: Pinot Noir
Country/Region: France, Bourgogne
Winery/Maker: Domaine Sextant, Julien Altaber
13.5% ABV

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