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Domaine Sextant - Julien Altaber

Julien Altaber grew up in the south of Burgundy, around tractors and cows.

At the age of 16 he chose Viticulture and gained his first internship which he absolutely loved. More internships and jobs followed in Mâconnais and Beaujolais then after spending two years training in a large Beaune trading house, he returned to a small organic family estate. 

In 2002, Julian arrived at Dominique Derain for the harvest where he truly discovered natural wine and biodynamic methods. 

In 2007, encouraged by Dominique, Julien bought his first pinot noir grapes.
This was the start of SEXTANT. Without any of his own equipment, he used Dominique's to make his first cuvée.

In 2010, he acquired his first plot and subsequently, in 2013 he found a winery and cellars in Saint Aubin as well as two new plots in the commune of Pommard. 

All of Julien's wines are vinified and aged with very little intervention. Julien is not looking to make great wines but real, honest wines with the best possible drinkability index.

According to Julien, wine is a drink of conviviality, of friendship, of celebration!

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Sextant - Ecume - Libation Wine

Sextant Ecume 2019 - Libation Wine


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